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CFS Sponsored Trips

Not far below the surface of each of us God created a longing for adventure that hides itself behind our busy and comfortable lives.

Tenting on the River
A pristine morning at Cedar Rapids on the Flambeau River

We long to be free from schedules and deadlines and to be where the only boundaries are those that nature provide. There are experiences in life that we never forget and even better are the memories of those times and people that changed our lives.

If you are ready for one of those experiences Camp Forest Springs Adventure ministries is ready to take you there. Our Adventure program is passionate about providing custom made adventure experiences to strengthen your relationship with Christ as well as having a whole lot of fun. We lead rock climbing, backpacking, canoeing, and kayaking trips throughout the summer. All of our wilderness trips are lead by highly trained trip leaders. These trip leaders undergo three intense weeks of wilderness training, including First Responder certification, Swift Water Rescue training, as well as training in each trip setting.