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Recreation Field



Try out your hand at shooting a state of the art Genesis compound bow, or, you may also shoot with our traditional recurve bows as well.  Campers have the option of earning ranks and awards through the American Archery Association.

Air Rifles

Air Rifles

Test your marksmanship at our air rifle range.  You may earn awards and pass ranks by demonstrating your sharpshooting!

Tennis Courts

Lighted Tennis Courts

Enjoy playing on our newly resurfaced, lighted, tennis courts.  You may bring your own racket or use the equipment that we provide.

Mini Golf

Miniature Golf

During your stay, make sure to play a round on our 18-hole miniature golf course.  Try to avoid the rotating blades of the windmill and don’t end up in the water hazard!

Recreation Field

Softball/Soccer Field

Our recreation field can be used for a variety of activities.  Softball, soccer, and tossing a Frisbee are all common sights here.

Disc Golf

Frisbee Golf

Are you up for the challenge that our 9 hole Frisbee golf course presents?  You need to weave your Frisbee disc across the field, up and down the hills, and in between the trees in order to land in the official metal disc golf baskets.